Harnessing icIEF to Unlock
Protein-Based Therapeutics

Article Collection

The development of biotherapeutics has revolutionized modern medicine by providing new treatment options for a wide range of diseases. For assessment of critical quality attributes, imaged capillary isoelectric focusing (icIEF) is used to accurately determine the surface charge of lipid nanoparticles and the charge heterogeneity of proteins and antibodies. This method is essential for quality control and analytical development of protein-based drugs in the biopharmaceutical industry.

This article collection hopes to provide researchers with more information on these techniques and technologies, allowing them to further their research in this field.

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What you will learn:

  • icIEF method development
  • icIEF fractionation
  • Charge heterogeneity analysis
  • Freeze-thaw cycles of mRNA vaccines

Articles contained in the collection:

  • Global intercompany assessment of icIEF platform comparability for the characterization of therapeutic proteins. (Madren et al.)
  • Two quality and stability indicating imaged cIEF methods for mRNA vaccines. (Krebs et al.)
  • Development of an imaged capillary isoelectric focusing method for characterizing the surface charge of mRNA lipid nanoparticle vaccines. (Loughney et al.)
  • A comparative study of CE-SDS, SDS-PAGE, and Simple Western—Precision, repeatability, and apparent molecular mass shifts by glycosylation. (Scheller et al.)
  • A novel platform for icIEF fractionation of antibody charge variants. (Bio-Techne)

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