Raman Microscopy

Article Collection

Wiley and WITec are pleased to present this article collection on Raman microscopy. The Raman microscope is a laser-based instrument for performing Raman spectroscopy. With the help of Raman microscopy, different samples can be analyzed and various scientific questions can be explored. The resolution and areas of application of this analytical technique have been continuously developed in recent years.

A wide variety of samples can be analyzed, such as rocks and meteorites, semiconducting materials, cosmetics samples, eukaryotic cellular structures, micro- and nanoplastics, lithium-ion batteries and more. For imaging, Raman Microscopy can be combined with other techniques such as Electron Microscopy or Fluorescence Microscopy and others in correlative applications.

This e-book provides an in-depth overview of the potential of Raman imaging spectroscopy for various fields of application and contains the following features:

  • A series of application and technology articles from WITec scientists covering various aspects of Raman microscopy, particle analysis and correlative Raman imaging
  • Interviews and case studies from renowned researchers unveiling individual research projects and experiences with Raman microscopy
  • An article that looks to the future of Raman microscopy: “Raman Microscopy Evolution: From Specialist Favourite to Mainstream Standard”

We hope you’ll enjoy reading this article collection and learning about the advantages that Raman microscopy can offer your laboratory.

What you will learn:

  • Receive an introduction to the fundamentals of confocal 3D Raman imaging at the highest spectral and spatial resolution
  • Become familiar with state-of-the-art application examples from various trending research fields
  • Learn from experts in the field on how to successfully apply Raman in challenging scientific experiments
  • Explore the possibilities of correlative Raman investigations and particle analyses

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