From Manual to Digital: Enhancing Lab Optimization

In the fast-paced world we live in today, adaption is inevitable for laboratories, products, and people to increase productivity and create a more sustainable, cost-effective work environment.

Learn how to solve common problems that stand in the way of productivity and sustainability in the lab, such as manually entering data into inventory records as well as wastage, inaccuracy, and non-compliance.

This Expert Insight shows how to attain faster, error-free, and less-wasteful production across several laboratory sectors. In particular, this goal can be achieved via digitalization and digital transformation.

This Expert Insight on digital transformation in the lab:

  • Discusses what the lab of the future looks like.
  • Considers people and cultures.
  • Takes process developments and optimization into consideration.
  • Discusses data management improvement.
  • Reviews lab environment and design.
  • Offers a practical guide for getting started.


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