Increase your confidence in your allergen testing results with the use of certified reference materials

Article Collection

Undeclared food allergens are a critical public health issue. Food manufacturers need reliable and effective methods of analysis to detect these allergens, and reference materials are critical in reaching accurate results.

Wiley has partnered with Romer Labs to bring together a special collection of articles detailing why allergen reference materials are necessary for today’s food professionals. These articles provide a comprehensive and updated overview of what constitutes allergen reference materials, why they are necessary, and how you can use them to further enhance your allergen management plan.

This important resource features articles from Romer Labs and Wiley publications, including Food Quality & Safety. Register for free to access the following:

  • Six Common Myths about Food Allergen Testing
  • Understanding Food Allergen ELISAs
  • Challenges in Allergen Testing: Spiking and Recovery
  • What Are Certified Reference Materials
  • Why We Need Reference Materials

You won’t want to miss this important resource for your allergy management plan!

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