Advances in Instrument Intelligence

Using AI to Achieve Digital Transformation

The laboratory workflow is changing rapidly to keep up with today’s fast-paced world. Thus, it is necessary that products and people also adapt, not only to increase productivity but also to eliminate anomalies or inconsistencies induced by human error and variations in processes.

Some of the main challenges in this process include:

  • Sophisticated quality control to restrain errors.
  • Advanced analytics to obtain meaningful information or reliable diagnostics.
  • Data reproducibility.

This eBook presents an overview of instrument intelligence solutions and shows how several lab sectors can be modified to have faster and error-free production. This can be especially achieved with digitalization and digital transformation.

The content of this eBook consists of:

  • A summary of Wiley’s book “Digital transformation of the lab”, discussing opportunities, needs, and challenges related to the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in transforming laboratories.
  • A summary of an article on the “industrial” revolution in biomedical research.
  • An infographic on Agilent’s intelligent Reflex workflow tool.


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