Advances in Bioprocessing for Biologics and Gene Therapy Vectors

Article Collection

Bioprocessing is the development and manufacturing pipeline by which therapeutic agents such as engineered recombinant proteins, viral gene therapy vectors and other nanoparticle-based technologies are produced at levels required for commercial distribution. To achieve this end, large-scale cultures using engineered cell lines are grown in bioreactors or through other scalable approaches. These are constantly being refined and evolved to increase volume, product yield and efficiency.

In this article collection we present a series of review and research articles that illustrate recent advances in bioprocessing for biologics and gene therapy vectors. Advances in the production and processing of these agents stands to revolutionize the ability to create next generation therapies and personalized medicine, as well as vaccines for emerging infectious diseases, on a rapid scale.

What you will learn about:

  • Use of stirred-tank bioreactors for mammalian cell lines
  • Approaches for scalable production of biologics and gene therapy vectors
  • Overviews of viral gene therapy approaches

Articles contained in the collection:

Csaszar, E, Mills, S. and Zandstra, P.W. (2021) Process evolution in cell and gene therapy from discovery to commercialization. Can. J. Chem. Eng. 99: 2517– 2524.

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