Article Collection: Advances in Light Emission

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Material Science: Advances in Light Emission

In recent years, materials science has seen tremendous growth, thanks to the development of nanomaterials and nanostructures with unique properties (optical or electrical) to solve problems in the fields of energy generation, semiconductors, quantum sources, chemical, catalysis, and biomedical industries.

In this article collection, we present recent discoveries in the electronic phase of Weyl semimetals, dielectric nano-resonators, low-cost solid-state light emitters, colloidal semiconductor quantum dots, and light-emitting field-effect transistors.

What you will learn:

  • The applications of varied materials
  • New developments in phase transitions and nanowires
  • The challenges of colloidal quantum dots and light emitting diodes


Articles contained in the collection:

Wang, M., Kumar, A., Dong, H., Woods, J.M., Pondick, J.V., Xu, S., Hynek, D.J., Guo, P., Qiu, D.Y. and Cha, J.J., 2022. A Gapped Phase in Semimetallic Td‐WTe2 Induced by Lithium Intercalation. Advanced Materials, p.2200861.

Li, J., Yao, K., Huang, Y., Fang, J., Kollipara, P.S., Fan, D.E. and Zheng, Y., 2022. Tunable Strong Coupling in Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Nanowires. Advanced Materials, p.2200656.

Pradhan, S., Dalmases, M., Taghipour, N., Kundu, B. and Konstantatos, G., 2022. Colloidal Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diodes at Telecom Wavelength with 18% Quantum Efficiency and Over 1 MHz Bandwidth. Advanced Science, p.2200637.

Taghipour, N., Tanriover, I., Dalmases, M., Whitworth, G.L., Graham, C., Saha, A., Özdemir, O., Kundu, B., Pruneri, V., Aydin, K. and Konstantatos, G., 2022. Ultra‐Thin Infrared Optical Gain Medium and Optically‐Pumped Stimulated Emission in PbS Colloidal Quantum Dot LEDs. Advanced Functional Materials, p.2200832.

Bederak, D., Shulga, A., Kahmann, S., Talsma, W., Pelanskis, J., Dirin, D.N., Kovalenko, M.V. and Loi, M.A., 2022. Heterostructure from PbS Quantum Dot and Carbon Nanotube Inks for High‐Efficiency Near‐Infrared Light‐Emitting Field‐Effect Transistors. Advanced Electronic Materials, p.2101126.


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